To heat seal any patch or accessory on any surface is easy and durable. Once the element has been heat sealed, it won't disengage again. If you buy an element to be hot fixed, you should bear in mind that the first thing you need is a press transfer similar as the one you can see in the picture bellow. If you can get one of those, perfect. If not, don't worry. Any element that can be hot fixed, can also be placed with a home iron as indicated in the ironing section.
If you have a press transfer machine, then you should only follow the instructions that we will send you when you receive the product at home. You will see that the instructions are very simple: you just need to combine time, temperature and pressure. 
Just in 20 seconds, your patch should be heat sealed. Be careful not to wash the garment for up to 8 hours after the patch has been placed.